Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Stone and Taps...

All in all some good steady progress in the last month (could always want a bit more though right?).

Unfortunately a few problems starting to appear here and there, but sounds like they are on top of fixing them all up, and the strong wind blew our water tank over on the weekend, bugger.
Really just need the power pole installed and connected, a few coasts of paint and the driveway.
Doesn't sound like it will take long.....right?

Stone was delivered and cut in about a week (19/8) after the the cabinets were installed and has come up really nice!


Kitchen + Pantry

Main Bath

Then came the fixings fitout, taps and what. Unfortunately at this point the incorrect wall taps/spouts have been delivered, but Fowler have said they will swap them over easy-peasy.



Main Bath

And screen installed yesterday:

The kitchen pipes aren't in the right spot for our U-Shaped drawers /sadface, so I think they are redesigning the drawers to be an L-Shape:

Also, notice something missing? Yup, no taps or water pipes in the wall for the laundry, still under the sink.
Now they need to pull the cabinets out to run the water up..../sadface again

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Tiles, colours and kitchens!!

OK so it's been about month since last post, and ALOT has happened.
Most of the back end of July seems a bit slow looking back at it now.
The 9th of July was when the front door was installed and all the tiles arrived in the garage, then just some fiddly stuff here and there, doors hung and skirting and cornices complete.
Then we really hit a roll on.
25th of July i found my glorious timber print alfresco tiles:

Next day they were grouted with a nice dark grout, can still see the lines but the dark grout lets it flow a bit better:

Also got a bit of rain on them, really considering connecting a hose to clean them all to see what they look like....that's not weird is it?

Same day (26th July) we also got basically all the tiling done for the bathrooms, didnt get photos of the ensuite, its just a bit awkward to get everything in the photo:

Very next day come back to find everything grouted and the niches tiled:

August gets off with a bang and on the Monday (1st) we get a coat of paint, whole house done in ONE day!
Its just the rolling and no cutting in or anything but it looks good to see it on the wall and see what it actually looks like:

Main Bed:




Main Bath

A few days passed and the only progress we saw was the water tank delivered:

I was starting to think this week was going to end up being a pretty slow one in terms of progress.
I looked Thursday and there was no action, I managed to skip Friday and Saturday but by Sunday was having withdrawals and had to go and have a look.
Turns out that in the 2 days I didn't pay a visit they tiled the entire main floors and grouted!!!
August 8th, what a surprise this was:



2 days later (August 10th) all of our kitchen and bathrooms turned up, I was like a kid in a candy store running around looking at sizes and what not:

Turn up the very next afternoon and the whole kitchen is installed!!!:

Annnnnnd very next day the bathrooms and laundry are complete (no stone arrived yet though), just no pics of this yet as they locked the key we were using inside the house (dammit).  Hopefully get in a have a poke around next week....stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

It looks like a house now!!

Long time since i have put anything up.
Saw a flurry of work up until a few weeks ago, and seems to have slowed to a trickle.
A few fiddly things completed recently which i guess hold up other trades, water proofing etc.
Also unfortunately had the wrong doors and jams delivered so that put us back a bit.
All our tiles are sitting in the garage now and think they are getting  a start on that this week. 

Front of the house with the scaffolding removed

Front as of last week front and garage door and yard cleaned up

Good looking front door


Main bed, en-suite and WIR to left

From kitchen to hallway and loungeroom

From dining to kitchen

Lounge room