Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Stone and Taps...

All in all some good steady progress in the last month (could always want a bit more though right?).

Unfortunately a few problems starting to appear here and there, but sounds like they are on top of fixing them all up, and the strong wind blew our water tank over on the weekend, bugger.
Really just need the power pole installed and connected, a few coasts of paint and the driveway.
Doesn't sound like it will take long.....right?

Stone was delivered and cut in about a week (19/8) after the the cabinets were installed and has come up really nice!


Kitchen + Pantry

Main Bath

Then came the fixings fitout, taps and what. Unfortunately at this point the incorrect wall taps/spouts have been delivered, but Fowler have said they will swap them over easy-peasy.



Main Bath

And screen installed yesterday:

The kitchen pipes aren't in the right spot for our U-Shaped drawers /sadface, so I think they are redesigning the drawers to be an L-Shape:

Also, notice something missing? Yup, no taps or water pipes in the wall for the laundry, still under the sink.
Now they need to pull the cabinets out to run the water up..../sadface again

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