Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Concrete and beyond....

Quick over view of post it took just 3 weeks to go from a block of dirt to a concrete slab...

So after the block was cut 30/3, the first layer of formwork was setup on 6/4 and piering was drilled and poured 7/4.

This was really awesome to see the actual outline of the house and how much yard is left over (lots).

Interior plumbing was dug in the next day 8/7 - Thursday.

On Monday we has the rest of the slab form work completed and the waffle pods started (nearly finished).


Annnnd the very next day: Concrete!!

Looks a bit better dry:

And today 19/4 we have all the storm water dug in and sewer line dug to the back, fingers crossed we start framing tomorrow....

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